Monday, March 5, 2012

Do You See What I See?

Miracle!  Literally, I think us Dittmers experienced a Tender Mercy.  
After scrambling for a good two months to get our house in tip top shape, it was ready to go on the market.  We finally met a realtor that we felt was right for us (thanks Kristy!!!!)  I hustled to get the last remaining boxes and junk put away, met with a home stager.  (If you're considering ever doing this, I recommend it.  Our realtor paid for ours, but it wasn't too bad, a little over $100.  She went through our whole house and rearranged furniture and knick knacks.)  Had more pictures taken by Jon's team and was up on the mls website later that day, Wednesday.  
By Thursday, we had our first showing.  And they didn't like it, the jerks (lol).  Picked up Grandma Genie the next day from the airport (while Justin and I went on vacation/holiday to Cook Islands and New Zealand for 17 days), and left the next morning.  
While we were gone, we didn't have many chances to check our internet, and didn't feel that we needed to check it.  But little did we know, our house was a hot spot!  By the time we checked our email, four days later, we had an offer already!  I already journaled about this in our NZ post, so I'll not rewrite it, but what I wanted to get down was that what a miracle we've experienced.  We received a second, much better offer and the deal was signed about two weeks after being on the market.  Amazing.  Truly amazing.  
And also thanks to Genie for having to put up with all the showings!  My parents came the next week prepared to continue the hustle and bustle, but never did one.
We very much see the Lord's hand in our lives and are constantly blessed.  I don't feel remotely like I deserve what he gives my family and I, but am grateful for what he does.  

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