Thursday, March 8, 2012

Off We Go! Day 2

Sunday to Monday
I'm on the plane!  As soon as I stepped on the plane, I remembered what Air New Zealand smelled like, and I squealed with excitement.  Just a little squeal.  After some shifting of seats, we ended up in row 26 on the side.  It's cool that they have tv's on the head rests.  We are watching a movie, not a great one...Time Out.  
No sleep.  Justin slept even worse than I did.  He watched two movies.  Landed around 7am.

 I am so hot.  Holy humid.
I am so happy to be here.  Tropical paradise bungalow right on the beach.  We kayaked around the island and since the water is perfectly clear, we could see all types of fishes and marine life.  Massive blue starfish, a dozen varieties of fishes, purple choral, a skinny fish over two feet long! 
We walked to some shops (needed to get cash and food).  Justin bought a mince meat pie and loved it's molten lava goodness and the divine pastry.  Food is expensive and I mean wow.  I guess it's because they have it shipped over from NZ.
Well, naps are great, but our bungalow is a sauna.  Literally.  We went out to snorkel for a bit but ended up staying out over two hours.  So now we're sunburned.  Justin more than I.  We saw fantastic sights.  A few sea snakes, bright blue fish, and even a moray eal.  A big moray eal that way scary.  We saw at least another two dozen different varieties of fish, huge brain coral, and other nice colored corals.
 Right after we got off the plane.  I was in the middle of saying, "wait!  The lens is foggy!"  (humid!)
This guy I found out later, is Mormon.  He sings at every arrival at the airport and has for 30 years.
 Our morning kayak.
 Tiana's Beach Bungalow's.  This is our's #3.
 Best cheese bread I've ever eaten. $5 loaf about 8" long, 4" wide.
 Justin eating his molten mince and cheese pie.  Mmmmm.
This drink isn't altogether fantastic, but we always got it when we visited previous times, so it's a memory.

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