Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 5 Friday

Next morning, Justin went directly to the car rental office to get our car back, and I walked over to the AirNZ office.  I got us all arranged and paid for, an additional $400.  They usually forfeit but let us make a change.  Also, the lady at the rental office told Justin we could return the car tonight because we missed our flight.  
We went into Avarua to check our email and to call our motor home rental agency.  Another email from Jon, our realtor.  The buyers countered our offer and there was another showing the same day from people who were coming for their second time.  Jon talked with their realtor and he seemed to think they'd be putting in an offer.  Cool.  
We paid $5 for an international calling card (about five minutes worth), and called the RV place.  They had wondered what happened to us, but no worries.  Yeah!  (There is 20 foot wild bamboo out my door right now.)  We bought two meat pies and raspberry Vaiora for our brunch and bought Ammon a tshirt.  
We tried to do a hike, but it looked to be grown over. 
 Happened with another one around the island too.  
So we went to snorkel again at Fruits of Rarotonga.  It's a long way out there to the reef but fantastic things to behold.  Justin picked up a broken open clam shell and dozens of colorful tropical fish came to nibble on it.  My mask leaks just a tiny bit around the nose so I had to empty it out about every three minutes.  Annoying to say the least.  
We drove to a beach that had fresh water to rinse off.  
Ate another ice cream at Wigmore's then drove to town to check our email again because Jon requested us to.  Yep.  There was an offer put in by another buyer.  Wahoo!  This time yielding double what the first buyers counter offered.  Nice to have two interested parties.  And the second buyers have a later closing date and didn't ask for all these extras.  Justin and I did little kiss.  
We were tired so looked for a quiet road to take a nap on and parked by the Raemaru trek.  Justin wanted to check it out.  He has now been gone about 20 minutes when he said he was going to look around the corner to see if the brush was more cut back.  I'm starting to freak out.  I keep hearing something and I think it's a coconut falling.  And my girlie mind immediately goes to horrible things that could have happened to him.  He probably couldn't stop seeing what was around the next corner and then the next, but it's very hot in here and I'm imagining it getting dark, going to look for him in a thick jungle, then having to get help, police, search party.  
Here he is all sweaty and I mean sweaty and breathing hard.  
He took me to see just what was so inspiring for him to keep going. 
 Indeed it was a track worthy.  After a 10 minute steady slight incline through thick jungle and slippery mud and roots, he showed me a vista overlooking a section of the island.  Breathtaking.  On the way down I slipped on the mud and landed on the same knee I fell on the other day in the ocean.  Ouch.  
We stopped to watch the sunset on the beach and I was able to talk with a lady that had been out in the low tide with a bucket, to see what she had.   Lots of squishy things and shells.
  She seemed pleased with her finds and nice to share what they were and how they are eaten.  She was too shy for a photo, but got one of her boys.  
Sunset beginning.

This has to be the most breathtaking sunset I've seen in my LIFE.  It just kept getting better and better.  

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