Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Got Done

First Week of January:  
Upstairs bathroom:  shelves removed, primed and painted.  Room Done.  Check.
Allison's room gutted of junk.
Bedroom:  shelf removed and hole in wall from security system patched.
Jacob's room:  completely gutted.  Primed and painted.  Room Done.  Check.
1/9 LaMon came over and patched up and painted woodpecker holes.  Octagon window molding taken down.  Took some thrift store items.
Anne came over and helped clean out Isaac's room some.
I Painted lots of brown trim.  Scraped and primed back door frame.
Dinner from the LaClaire's.
1/10  LaMon cut brick molding and nailed up frame for octagon window.  Filled the rest of the woodpecker holes.  Caulked some areas.  Took more stuff for the thrift store.
I Painted two coats on back patio door.  Painted trim on front door and around garage door.
Went to Menards and bought more paint brushes and primer.  Bought one 16' mason wood siding to fix warped board at the back of the house; cut to 10' and 6' pieces.  Jacob and Isaac painted the board, but didn't dry sufficiently so they're in the basement drying.  
Jacob and Isaac helped start a fire and burned up the the majority of brush and sticks in the backyard that have been building up for years.
1/11 Packed in the living room and tidied food storage under the stairs.
1/12 Worked in living room more, worked in bedroom.
1/13  Finished cleaning out bedroom.
1/14  Finished brown paper that covers the infamous MN mural, and fixed wall in entry way.
1/16 Prepped Family room for paint; primed green.
1/17 Cleaned out hallway, patched holes.
1/18 Cleaned out some of hutch.
Prepped and painted hallway.
1/19 Busy day.  No time for house stuff.
1/20 Cleaned wall in Allison's room with Magic Erasers.  Love those.
Packed up toys.
Scraped ceiling in bathroom downstairs, sprayed popcorn on, puttied nail holes.
1/21 Two coats primer in bathroom
1/22 Two coats paint in bathroom
(Yes, I know it was a Sunday.  I needed to get the tape off asap; Ox. Mire.)
1/23 cleaned out downstairs bathroom cupboards.
Started to pack in office.
Put up new shower curtain.  Looks great!
1/24 Packed up lots of kitchen and cleaned.
1/25 Filled holes in kitchen and bedroom.  Touch up paint in Allison's room and kitchen.  Took down toaster oven.
Justin: took down tv in bedroom.  Working on door jams.
1/26 Painted holes in bedroom.  Cleaned out laundry room.  Took picture of laundry room(!!)
Cleaned freezer - Jacob did fridge the other day.
1/27-1/29 Photographed most of the house!  Yay!
1/30 Packed half bathroom hallway closet.  Cleaned kitchen.  Worked on taxes a couple hours.

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