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Day 4 Wednesday

Feb 22
All three sunrise pictures are of the same day.
The back of our little bungalow on the beach.
 Charlie (not the rooster, his actual name) was nice to get us a fresh coconut, right off the tree.  He was our landlord guy.  Here's a short clip.
 They use that wooden stool to scrap the meat out of a coconut.  In the foreground is breadfruit.
 I didn't like this when I was younger and thought I'd try it again hoping I had grown up, but nope.  I even tried it twice.  The rubbery meat was okay though.
Justin said he didn't like it either, but this time he said it was good.
Charlie's granddaughter.  
There was this annoying cat that kept coming in our bungalow.  A lot.  And kept rubbing my leg and meowing.  Gave me the creeps.
  Scooter!  Justin walked to a rental place up the street and paid $20 for the rental and $8 for a one day license.  Wahooooooo!  We should have gotten one every day.
We poked my blisters with a needle I had packed in a mini sewing kit (you never know! ) and got them bandaged.
 Drove about a mile to snorkel across from a store called Fruits of Rarotonga.  There is a reserve there so no one is allowed to fish etc.  We slathed on the sunscreen and took off.  Right near the shore, there were huge fish!  But after a bit, no more big ones.  We swam out to a floating dock and rested, then went out farther towards the reef.  There was a huge, HUGE coral, not brain, but with hundereds of colorful baby fish swimming all around.  They let us swim right in the midst of them.  This has been my favorite sighting so far snorkeling.  There are large metal cages with about a hundred clams, mostly with brown mouths, but some are the most vibrant colors. Purples, blues, teals. 

Pic from google images.
 We swam out to where the reef was starting, and saw some more interesting corals and even some large fish again.  It was a long swim back to shore.  We went back to our place and rinsed off then drove to Wigmores for lunch.  Chips and a toasted cheese for me, a Raro burger for Justin.  Meat, lettuce (coleslaw-ish), egg with cheese scrambled in, slab of bacon (ham), and pineapple. $10 for the burger.  Of course we shared another passion fruit ice cream cone.
We stopped at the mission home.  Very nice senior couple.  Elder Bellingston? Drove us around the island showing us locations where they filmed The Other Side Of Heaven and introducing us to local Mormons.  I even saw how pineapple is grown.  A little more than we bargained for, but we got some interesting information about island life.  For the most part, the locals have no air conditioning, which is why there hair is always up and they wear a towel over their shouldha. Electricity is very expensive. So when it's night, they go to bed or use candles.  There are three LDS buildings on the island.  
We stopped at Black Rock and snorkeled around.   I saw two more varieties of fish and a snake that looked like a rattlesnake.  Its coolhow every time we've gone out, we see more types of fish and corals.  There are al many vibrant and interesting ones.
Finished driving around the island, stopping to watch some Rugby in town.  We ate ate at a swanky restaurant.  Chips for me.  Justin ordered a chicken curry which I guess was great.  It was a beautiful spread on a banana leaf.  Mango salsa.  Then we got to check out my sunburn.  It's a doozy.  I look like I'm red wearing a white swim suit.  I slept nude and took two ibuprofens and a tylenol pm. 
And my behind was more red.

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