Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Zealand Adventure Begins!

Feb 19

Made it to California.  It's. Lovely here.  Sunshine kisses my cheeks and there are amazing and different Plants everywhere the eye falls.  I loved when my eyes met Justin as he came off the plane from Salt Lake City.  Andy took us to Balboa park.  This place is truly spectacular, who had the foresight to set aside the land and build what they did there (museums, gardens etc.)  It was fun to see so many different types of people.  Later, we went to a beach/hike.  

Feb 20 

I loved waking up to no alarm and no sound of kids.  I felt totally rested.  Andy made a gorgeous spread of crepes for breakfast.  Took a tour of his lush backyard encircled by fruit and citrus trees.  He's done an amazing job and his house is amazing too.  Played poison ball with everyone.  His kids are CUTE!  Justin taught Gavin and Garrett how to do a back flip on their trampoline.

Justin clipped his fingernails waaaaay short so he wouldn't have to pack clippers.  I packed clippers.  
 Family Fun on a grassy hill.
My nephews thought this was insanely funny.  I don't know if you can read the plaque buy it says "superbum".
 Garrett and Gavin
 Justin likes the fat tree.
 Andy and Trevyan's kids: Gavin, Garrett, and Clara.
 Pictures above are from Balboa Park.

These pictures are from a hike/walk we did by the beach.  I'll need to get the name from Andy.
Ate dinner at Souplantation.  

 Andy eating a radish from his garden.  Looks tasty.
Justin ate one even though he doesn't like them.  This one was particularly bad.  He didn't mind the kumquats though.  Andy eats one a day.

 Justin teaching the boys how to back flip.
Andy's house in California.  He's got an Amazing backyard with so many types of fruit trees.  It's gorgeous!  He made us lemonade (with a couple oranges) and it was delish!

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