Monday, February 28, 2011

US day two

 Up bright and early again with a quick donut stick and juice breakfast.
 Surprisingly annoying simulator ride for me.  My neck muscles killed from all the coasters yesterday!  But my favorite line when Homer was going down a coaster was "my boobs are hitting me in the face!" 
Jaws ride was way lame ride but needed to be done.
 JoAnne in front of car #3.  Delorian from Back to the Future.  Yes you do see a fanny pack.  It pains me to see it but there were many times each day we were praising its value.
We bought tickets to see Blue Man Group and it didn't let us down.  What a fun show!  I highly recommend it.   One problem I had was the I forgot my contact so luckily had my emergency set in my overnight bag to use, but the prescription seemed off and made it hard to see distances.  So I wore my glasses that night, which meant I STILL couldn't see distances very well and missed out on reading some of the funny things they had going on.
No problem sleeping at night.

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