Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day ++

 This one awesome machine.  It has 100 flavors to mix and choose from.  We were told we could try samples until we found one we wanted.  You could pick one flavor and it was immediately ready to dispense with no lingering flavors from the last one.  Justin chose a Peach Fanta.  mmmmmmm
 Bit of a rest outside the parks. 
 Jurasic Park had an awesome kids area.  5 stars.
This was the best weather day of all.  We found a quiet spot in the afternoon and lazed around in the sunshine.  We also had bought a Meal Deal at the Lands of Adventure park which meant we could basically eat until we puked.  We got our moneys worth.  
mmmm french fries.  
It wasn't long enough of a trip and didn't fulfill all of my vacation desires, but we've had some super fantastic ones in the past.  I'm super glad we did this and loved spending time with my honey.  
We found out that night that Grandma needed to get home to take care of a medical issue so we changed out flight to a 6am one.  This had us getting home at 11:15 ish.  Kent and Genie picked us up at the airport, drove around to the ticketing and we dropped them off.  Not much of a visit.
Justin and I made it home with 15 minutes to spare before Ammon got off the bus.
It was nice/sad to see Ammon cry because his grandparents were gone.  Makes me know he was well taken care of.
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for all they did.  It was THE BEST to come home to a clean house!  One of my most requested gifts for my birthday :)

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