Sunday, February 6, 2011


This place is so stinking noisy with a freeway right out our window but something nice is a huge and I mean huge McDonalds in our parking lot.  It's boasts it's the largest entertainment McDonald's or something like that.  Imagine a glorified two story Chuckee Cheese.  Intense.  I sure to like the Cinnamelts though. 
Mid-morning we headed out on our adventure to the Atlantic coast.  We laughed at the roadside stands that sell Alligator jerky. 
The first place we stopped was a one way road through a wilderness sanctuary with so many awesome birds and things to see.  What a change from Minnesota.  I loved the mangrove trees.
We took a short one mile-ish hike and got eaten by mosquitoes which were about the size of birds themselves.  We were searching high and low for an alligator but none to be seen.  Justin did spy a gorgeous bright pink bird which we also saw later (pictured) called Roseate Spoonbills.  Truly beautiful birds.

We moved on to the Canaveral National Seashore for some beach time and were not disappointed.  What a beautiful area.

Guess what we saw.....
Yep.  Our trip has been fulfilled.  An American Alligator.
Justin was a good samaritin and threw a jelly fish back into the ocean that seemed to have some life left in it (not the huge one pictured).
There was a shuttle on the Kennedy launch pad.
We hiked around the Oak and Palm canopies. So fun!  It smelled perfect.  I love to be outdoors and this place fit my hiking needs perfectly. 
We even found orange trees.  I did an excited jump of joy, but should have held off.  Boy were they sour!  I mean the most sour bitter fruit ever.  Think grapefruit, then multiply it by a hundred.
I peeled one for us to eat, then I touched my tongue to it and instant tears in the eyes.  Justin ate almost a whole orange.  After each bite he'd make all these painful moaning sounds, then say that was good!  
We ate at a fun little local taco restaurant on the way home where Justin special ordered some fish tacos.  
I need to add that we took a quick dip in the pool.  If you notice our clothing from the pictures, it has been a chilly day.  
I'm excited for our day tomorrow!!!