Monday, February 28, 2011

Cross Country Skiing during Christmas break

 Justin bought himself a complete set of cross country skis so we went out as a family (minus Allison who was at Grace's) to Coon Rapid Dam and rented skis.  It's always some type of drama getting the family in the car, with snow pants etc, then finding the right sized boots, skis poles, out the door....but not to mention getting the boots on the skis.  I was having a rainbow of curse words going through my head trying to get Ammon and I clipped in.  I haven't gone skiing since college, maybe 15 years ago.  This was also different because there are groomed trails that I've never tried before.
 Ammon was awesome for sure.  The only time he whined was when he was hungry which a quick Snickers bar remedied.

After we'd gone about 45 minutes, the rest of the crew turned around while Isaac and I ventured on around the loop.  Justin looked at the map and said it's about the distance we'd already gone, so not too much more....uh so not true.  Isaac and I started off merrily skating along for a long, long time.  Through beautiful woods.  We found a trail that many other people had skied on and adventured out on that.  I fell in the snow and it was deep!  Like I mean deep!  I had a hard time standing up.  Isaac fell too, but he was wearing snow pants.  I hadn't planned that Ammon would actually ski, so wore regular clothes.
A sweat started in.  We kept pounding out the trail.  Took a break to share a package of Smarties.  Finally the trail took a turn, then went straight again.  Then finally it did turn.  We got to go over a bridge which is always fun.  Took a few minute break to sit on an icy cold to the buns rock bench and enjoyed the beauty around us.  The Mississippi river was in front of us, untouched drifts of snow, birds flying.  
We did eventually finish and were glad we were able to accomplish it, but it was long.  Found out later it was two miles.  And I must say I did pull several muscles, but it was fun to have some alone time with Isaac.  He is a cheerful child.  Easy to laugh.  

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I love this hairy man.

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