Monday, February 28, 2011

Universal Day One

  Up Bright and early. 
 We headed straight to Hogwarts and weren't disappointed.  Notice the crooked chimneys.  The detail was A. Maze. Ing.

 We shared one cup of Butter Beer.  It was too chilly to try the frozen kind.  It was too sweet for me, but fun to try none the less.
 Heading into the Lost Continent
 Justin's favorite ride, my second favorite.  This is the bomb of a roller coaster.  He has been looking forward to this ride for months.
We didn't get a picture of my favorite: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.  Best Coaster Ever.  You could choose your tunes to rock out on to boot.
 JoAnne in front of car #1.  Justin loves the eyebrows (not mine!)
 Got my picture taken with Wolverine.  I don't think Hugh Jackman is under that mask.
 We ate lunch at the famous Mythos restaurant.  It was a great atmosphere and didn't cost us anything more than the fast food fare in the rest of the park.  Justin ordered fish tacos.
 Me, a cheese sandwich kids meal with FRENCH FRIES, my staple.  Notice the Mr. Pibb for keeping a headache at bay.  We did too many rides at once.  I thought it was great being able to get straight on all these rides with no wait time, but our tummies are too old for coaster after coaster.
 Content Justin.
 Amazing architecture.
 JoAnne in front of car #3.  Run!!!
Fun tiring day.  I should not have worn my sandals but it was fun to have my new pedicure be seen for one day.

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