Sunday, February 6, 2011

Florida Trip 2011 Saturday-Sunday

Phew!  What a beginning of a trip.  It was nothing short of a miracle that Kent and Genie were able to fly after an 18 inch snow storm in Oklahoma with major freezing temperatures.  
We woke at 3 am to catch the first flight and got on first class Wa-hoo!  We didn't get breakfast but a drink as soon as we got on, two cookies and my favorite, a hot towel. 
The next part of our day was eternal.  We missed the next two flights which were overbooked, so spent the bulk of the day in the Chicago airport.  We ended up buying a deck of cards (Chicago ones) and played gin a few times, Justin winning 2/3 games.  We read our books, ate two meals, had lots of discussions about what to do, and finally we got the last flight to Orlando.  We got the last two seats on the plane and I must say that I'm chalking that up to lots of prayers.  We didn't' want to be stranded in the airport overnight.
Of course our seats weren't' together:  first class and very last row in coach.  Justin was a sweety and gave me the first class one.  Too bad we had just eaten a huge dinner at Chil's.
We arrived in Orlando at 11 pm, but there was a benefit to the much late arrival.  We got a huge upgrade in our car rental: a Ford Flex.  This is not our favorite car, but it's been very nice...we discovered seat warmers today mmmmmm toasty buns.  
We are staying at the Quality Inn but I've got to say this place is a dive.  I expected something not great, but this has been ridiculous.  We got a nice long list of yuckies including some of the following:  broken elevator (not mentioned at check in) and we're on the fifth floor, waaaaaaay dirty tub with hairs, and dirty towels in the bathroom.  Gross.

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