Monday, March 11, 2013

She's 12!

I can't believe my little girl is now a beehive!
She has taken to her new class at church with ease.  The girls and leaders have really welcomed her.
For her birthday, she requested strawberry crepes for dinner and strawberry cheesecake for her cake.
 This girl is rotten, spoiled rotten (just like her mommy).  And the boys all know it.
She skyped her bff Grace (lower right pic, look at the computer screen) during the opening of presents.  She was rained upon this year, due to over buying at Christmas (saved some for her birthday) and getting random normal purchases (clothes and a new school bag).  She was lucky enough to get a beautiful birth stone my mom faceted for her (amethyst).
She also got a Samsung mp3 player (we made her pay for a portion, which Jacob thought was hilarious).  This girl took to texting like a fish in water.  
We love you Allison and are so happy you are in our family.  I love your constant enthusiasm for life and smiling face.  You bring a special spark into our home.  
And thanks for always being on top of your homework!


  1. happy birthday allison! so happy to get to know her a little better in these last few months. she's such a great example of always being upbeat and smiling.

  2. Alison, You are so cherished by your family! I bet you know that already, though.
    Happy Late Birthday. We had cheesecake too, on Shannon's birthday. Best stuff, for a cake, in my opinion.