Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pre-Easter Egg Hunt

Suncrest HOA puts on an annual egg hunt.  They tried to have one outdoors this year, but alas we got 8" of snow overnight so it was indoors.  And it was squishy!  
Allison and Ammon were the only Dittmer participants and they were rewarded with large amounts of eggs.  Although quantity wasn't an issue:  the prizes and candy were about the lamest I've ever seen.  I guess I expected more from the HOA.  The kids were happy regardless.
How do you like Allison's basket?  At least they didn't fall out.  Ammon was in the far corner (top left picture, next to a girl in a purple coat).  He found a spot with about one hundred eggs and started loading his basket until it wouldn't hold any more. 
Both kids were kind to share their eggs with some latecomers.  
*TIP*  Don't be late to an egg hunt...EVER.  
They are over in about 60 seconds and usually start on the dot.  I saw several forlorn little faces. 

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