Monday, May 6, 2013

Logan Weekend

Justin had to work in Las Vegas from Wednesday through Saturday night, so I decided I'd drive the kiddos to Logan and spend the weekend helping Grandpa in the yard.
We left at a new record time of 3:30, which I KNOW was because Justin wasn't with us, and made it to North Logan by 5:15.  
As usual, the kids made a bee line to the basement, moments later I heard squeals of joy.  Corinne and Tyler left their Foosball table, and Isaac LOVES Foosball.
Since we made it to Logan early, the kids spent a couple of hours outside.  Reunited with a trampoline and excitement over rhubarb, made for some happy kids.
 The next day consisted of picking up prunings in the apple orchard, raking pine cones, starting bonfires, and roasting hot dogs over the bonfire.  The kids didn't last as long working as I would have liked, but  I'm glad they are learning how to do some hard labor.  
(Jacob checking out the root cellar *shivvvvvers*)
Dad and I (mostly Dad) worked on cleaning out his fish pond, which has had a bad leak the past couple of years.  He shoveled out the muck in the bottom *stinky!*  and then with the help on Ammon, Jacob  and Grandma we got the liner put in as best as we could.  We should have taken a picture of how the flagstones were laid out - oops!  Dad still has lots of work, but it's coming along.
The last job for the day was planting corn.  
Autumn used to be my favorite season, until I had a few winters in Minnesota.  Now it's hands down Spring.  I get such a rush out of new blossoms and tiny leaves poking their way out of the dirt.  I love the fragrance of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths.  
I sat in my favorite swing for a few moments before I was called away on Saturday.  It is under the gigantic spruce tree in the backyard.  When I was a little kid, I used to sit and swing under that tree for hours.  I remember singing out loud to myself.  As I sat on this swing and looked up in to the large boughs, I took a deep breath and smiled, thinking what a balm it is for my soul.  
On Sunday, I looked outside and saw Ammon on that same swing.
I wonder if he was singing to himself.

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