Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love Is In the Air

Corinne and Tyler Bradshaw tied the knot on March 8th 2013 at the temple in Logan, Utah.
I took a bagillion pictures.  Seriously.  Bagillion.
Roman, Grandpa, Nate
Me eating Reases Pieces, Jacob, Grandma
Justin and Nate drawing faces, Erin and Kevin
Roman and Chelsea

Grandpa checking out the Logan Temple rocks, Nate and Jude, Tylers jacket
Corinne, Tyler and Corinne, Nate and Jude
Shawn Thomson siblings, Corinne, Tyler Grandpa and Grandma, Jude contemplating the tree

Corinne and Erin goofing off, Aunt Marilyn and Grandma, Corinne and Tyler
Corinne and Stefanie, Uncle Andy, Isaac and his cousin Dax
Grandpa, Justin and me, Nate (huh?)

Allison and me, Tyler and Corinne dancing, Isaac with Dax
Grandpa with Roman, Me and Allison, Allison and Dad
Dance with Dad, Jude, Me and Allison goofing off

Fun weekend.  Ammon was sick.  Then I got sick.  Then who other people got random sicknesses.  Blerg.
I love my family.

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