Friday, July 1, 2011

Trip to Utah

Saying goodbye to Dad is always hard to do.  Only three weeks apart this year.
Allison is holding Bob.  Bob is Isaac's monarch caterpillar that we've adopted and are taking with us.  He went through a couple of names, Chomper, Munchie, but Bob it is.  We found new leaves for him this morning.  It's hilarious hearing the kids talk about how he eats and poops and what he's up to.  My poor kids will never have a dog or cat, so odd pets will have to do.
Stopped for a 15 minute hike on the Wrinkled Rock trail.  Isaac counted mushrooms and flowers.  All the kids were obsessed with the rocks: mica schist and quartz crystal make for a shiny trail.
Exploring is amazing.  There were a few precious rain drops that made it smell heavenly.
When we were driving into the trail parking lot, I got super excited to be in the West and mountains and started clapping and shouting for joy.  Isaac said, "Mom drank too much caffeine."
Jacob LOVES hugs from his Mom.  wa wa wa.
Horsethief Lake.  Wish I'd had my "real" camera out, but loved the raindrops on the lake.  This is the cliff jumping lake we've stopped at a couple of time.  
 Jacob found a pie shaped rock.

Ammon really does love me.  He wanted to get down to cross the stream.
Justin has earned us a free hotel stay and so we used it on this trip.  We picked the hotel and had to only pay taxes, about $7, I got checked in and the pool is out.  Holy lame-ness.  Building frustration in Mom.  So the kids watched a Phinneas and Ferb show on tv.
Can't leave Bob in the hot car, so he got to watch the movie too.
As of this afternoon, surprisingly after a McDonalds lunch, I've started uphill and feel much better.  Only mild body aches and stuffy nose.  I'm seeing the sun through the clouds.

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