Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Lovely Saturday

It was a hiking morning!  Jacob, Isaac, Dad, and I met up with Gideon and Ginger to conquer the Crimson trail in Logan canyon.
 Logan river is raging this year and there is some flooding happening.

 Steep trail.
 Utah can grow some manly dandelions.
Gorgeous vistas all along the way.  My dad, as always, is insightful about interesting plant and geographical things.  We figured it was about a five mile round trip trail.  The river trail had lots of flooding, but made for some exciting bush whacking and hopping on wobbly rocks through a couple of flooded areas.
I took a glorious nap in the living room with Mom's glorious fleece blanket.  I was waking up in that blissful state and heard Allison come in with a friend, Bella looking for a popsicle.
Allison:  Be careful when you open the door.  Sometimes stuff falls out.
Allison:  Did you find a grape one?
Allison:  Cramma.
I guess I need to explain this better.
Ammon used to call my dad Crampa (and his other one too) which fits him because he often has leg cramps.
I decided we should call my mom Cramma because she's always trying to cram things in the fridge or cupboards etc.  This little episode with Allison cracked me up.
Walk with Ammon and Isaac.  There was a nice thunder storm this evening that cooled it off and made it smell divine outside.  I love to go for walks in the evening here.  It's nice and cool, there are sidewalks, and I feel safe.  
We didn't go far, Ammon wanted to bring his red bike (we forgot it last year so there was a happy reunion for him and all the other kids).
 A somewhat drab sunset for Cache Valley, but even this is still amazing.
 Isaac did a handstand that got out of control...
and he fell over backwards and knocked the air out of his chest.

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