Friday, July 15, 2011


Grandpa, Jacob, Isaac, Allison, me, and Dax (cousin) had a great time at Lagoon.  Not too super hot all day, the only tears were from this ride, Wicked.  Allison was a little freaked out, but then also hit her head.  She ended up liking it in the end, except for the head bump.  This was my FAVE ride - SO great!  All the other kids liked it too which was amazing because it's scary!  We lost our bounce-back tickets on this ride.  They flew out of Grandpa's shirt pocket.  I love that my dad is game for any ride.
It's funny to me how my kids favorite rides are the oldies, tilt-a-whirl and the speed scrambler.  
I did puke Arby's later in the middle of the night.  Curly fries.  Not fun.  

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