Monday, July 4, 2011

Hunting for Rocks

The plan was to meet my parents in Fontenelle, WY at a "derelict" store, camp, then hunt for blue forest petrified wood at noon.  We were only two hours behind schedule, so not too bad.  But, it was for a great reason.
I was driving in the middle of no where Wyoming and saw a sign that said something about Martin's Cove.  Huh?  Then another a few miles later.  What?  I didn't know that was here!  So we stopped and had a short visit.  Well, we tried to keep it short but those friendly missionaries like to chat :)
We all pulled carts around a gravel pathway, watched a movie about a pioneer that crossed the plains, visited the museum, the blacksmith shop, and the fort. 

 Ammon hitching a ride.

 Can you guess what the weird thing on top of the china cup is?  I'll tell you at the end of this post.
 All the kids got a prairie diamond ring from the Blacksmith shop.
 Isaac cracks me up.  He had a scab that made a smiley face and thought it was so funny.  He even later told Grandma and Grandpa about it.

It is always so fun to see my parents and my kids' reaction to them (both sets of grandparents for that matter).  We got parked, hid in their trailer because the mosquitoes, even though it seems impossible, were worse than Minnesota.  By far.  Wow-eeeee.
In 90 degree weather, we headed out to see if we could unearth some great discoveries.

 Ammon carried this bucket around until it was brimming with rocks.  He was about a block from the truck in not the easiest terrain to navigate and kept asking help to carry it back.  I told him that he would have to and to go through it and choose his favorite rocks to keep.  A little bit later I looked up to see him with his elbows up to his ears straight out carrying the bucket in 5 feet increments.  A determined little guy.

The best thing found was a horny toad, now named Squirmy.  He has brought so much happiness to my kids, specifically Isaac and Allison.  I was jaw dropped to see Allison hold a lizard.  They have developed true feelings for this reptile and wavered whether to let him go or keep him.  So far, it's a keeper.
Answer:  so the gents wouldn't get their mustaches dirty.  Why aren't these made today??  Brilliant!

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