Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Logan Canyon

We got up and left fairly early on July 4th so I wanted to stop and hike the Limber Pine trail with my older boys. It's short: only a little over a mile, but I needed to get a Logan Canyon fix.

 There's the 2000+ old Limber Pine tree.
 Grandpa explained to us the difference between a pine and a fir tree.  Do you know?
 These tent caterpillars entertained the boys for a quite some time with their dancing and twitching.
Here's a clip.

Grandpa always on the look out for interesting things along the trail.  This time it was fossils.  
I love hiking with my dad.
Made it home!
The kids went immediately downstairs to check out they toy room.  Jacob was excited to see a new addition of a few new hot wheels and legos.
Justin guilted me into taking the kids to see fireworks, so we headed to Hyrum later that night.
We parked in the McDonald's lot and all slurped on smoothies while the fireworks went off.
So American.  Fireworks and McDonald's.  

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