Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Randomness

2/3  Justin helped me make yummy lo mein noodles.  
Sat in with him for the kids' PPI's.
We saw The Impossible yesterday.  I love natural disaster movies and I love Ewan McGregor.  
A win win.  
Made a new job chart for the kids.  So far so good.  
Expecting a month or two out of it before it wears off.
REALLY kicking around buying studio lighting.  It's hard to justify when I have zero business.
Plus I'm not sure where I'd set up a studio.  It's so cold downstairs.
I've been feeling depressed almost every Sunday.  It's not a good thing.
Not loving our ward yet.
2/4 Got my Kindle back from the high school.  Sigh of relief.
Been helping Allison with her science fair project.  She's trying to determine if people like brand name soda pops the same as store brands.
Wanting to get my studio equipment.  I had a long talk with Justin about it and came away more frustrated than ever.  It comes down to no cash.
Which is making me feel a constant battle with our cash flow.
Which in turn is making me feel depressed.
Equaling not wanting to make dinner or basically do anything.
I need to snap out of it!
No more pity party!
Isaac won a case of A&W root beer from his bus driver for guessing the closest score for the Super bowl match.  He was excited to say the least.  That boy loves pop.
2/9 Subbed a first grade class yesterday and came home w.o.r.k.e.d.
NOT worth $7/hour.
Justin took Isaac and Jacob to a fight/boxing match last night.
Jacob said there was a heckler that yelled, "pull his armpit hair!"
I stayed home and helped Allison with her science project that is due Monday (almost done!)
My laptop is working again.
I was able to update my photography income/expenses and am now in the black!
It's unbelievable!
It might only be $20, but it's something!
I guess that's why I've been feeling impressed to get a studio started; can't stay in the black.
2/14  Justin and I ate at Del Taco for our Valentine dinner.
We were going to eat at Cafe Rio but it was packed.  Packed.
Allison had a nice birthday.  That girl is rotten.  Spoiled rotten.
I subbed for Jacob's high school English teacher today (although Jacob didn't have him today).
It was my best subbing day so far.  It was great!  Much more independent students.
I teach Ammon's class tomorrow.  That will be three full days this week.
$1000 to fix Justin's car this week so it would pass inspection and emissions testing.
I bought a studio light and soft box :)
I also got two props tonight.
2/18  Justin is in Seattle for the day.
I know, right?
His work flew him up the for the day.
Allison had her first day of Young Women's and seemed to really like it.
Our family went on a hike Saturday night by the Draper temple.
Isaac, Allison, and Ammon all took sleds on the hike and loved it.
2/21  It was so windy last night that it blew away all of my kids tracks in the back yard.
Finished crocheting around two flannel blankets for Humanitarian Day.
Allison is sewing dolls for it.
2/27 I've been really wanting to go to Disneyland.  Now that we're a 10 hour drive, it's almost attainable.
Justin informed me that I'm the most excited to go and should go with his family this May.
I wish Ammon wasn't such a boob with rides or I'd take him in a heartbeat.
Isaac's birthday went fine.  We made him roll four dice to = the number 15 (his age).
If he didn't get 15, he had to do a push up.
He did a lot of push ups.
I got my softbox yesterday.  It took me ages to figure out how to set up my lighting, but I finally got it.
Now I just need to get Justin to build me stuff (back drops etc).  I also need to figure out which wall I'm going to use.  That light is huge, HUGE I tell you.

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