Sunday, June 26, 2011

 One of the best merry-go-rounds in the world.
 Went for a walk on a lovely wooded path.
(Jacob stayed home with a friend so that he could go to summer gym/phy ed.)
Video clip of Ammon's first mountain bike ride.

 I love this pic of Ammon even though it's creepy, which is why I like it :D  Got his skin sagging from the jump.

 Boys practicing skid marks in the gravel.  This was huge for Ammon since he still doesn't know how to use his brakes.

Isaac scraped his upper lip on the bottom of the pool doing hand stands.  Justin made him a mustache bandaid.

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  1. I HAVE BEEN ON A MERRY GO ROUND LIKE THAT. And it rocked. SERIOUSLY. I want one for my back yard.