Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Randomness

I cleaned out two kitchen cupboards today and filled two garbage bags of Tupperware for the sale.
Made about 14 pints of strawberry freezer jam and 4 pints of strawberry syrup, oh and strawberry lemonade.
Jogged with Justin 1 1/4 mile then jumped in the pool with our clothes on.  
Well, Justin jogged with his swimming suit on.  
Had great friends (the Grays) over for dinner and played like kids on the trampoline.
Taco salad for dinner and it was yummy.  
Jacob came up the stairs whining that we were having it again. 
Boo hoo.
Becca, Helen, and Simon came over for awhile to visit.
Love those guys.
Gearing up for the Garage Sale this week.
Yes, it needs to be in capitals because it's going to be BIG.
I had Ammon wear flip flops to school today.  He said, "these are hard to criss cross apple sauce."
I love the smell of waffles in the house.
I cannot keep on this house when kids are home for the summer.
Got to eat out twice today for Erin's birthday.
Bought petunias and impatiens for the gardens.
Our pool is green.
Justin is still amazing me after 15 years of marriage at how awesome he is.
Sold almost $600 at the garage sale!
Use that money to buy tires for the car and new shocks.  Boo.
Found out today that I get to go to Education week at BYU this August!
Jacob is taking summer gym, which works out great for him.
Remembered the trash today!  Forgot last week so it's FULL!
Did a Rainbow wash yesterday so the car is clean in and out : )
Luckily Isaac's nose isn't broken after Jacob decided to kick him in a fit of rage.
Three plus mile walk in the rain tonight.
Then a smoothie and a large fry from McDonalds.
Used frequent flier miles to get ticket to fly to Utah for Ed Week.  Nice!
Went out to lunch at a Mexican eatery today.  It was okay.
Helped the boys distribute bark around the flower beds at the church.
Started getting a headache tonight.
Garage sales with Laura and Jen.
Started to clean out the garage and got sidetracked with a fire.
Those mosquitoes love us.
One of my favorite nights.
Hot dogs, smores, happy kids.  Ooooh plus pruners.
I love pruners!  They make me go crazy!
I smell like camp fire.  Ewww.
Minnesota makes the BEST thunder lightening storms.
Nature Valley Grand Prix road bike race tonight.
Got Ammon's five cavities filled today.  Thanks Nate!  Rock on!
Perkins is a surprisingly great restaurant.
Spent a bunch of money on myself today.  Not normal.
 I got two new outfits and love them.
Played family games tonight.
AmericInn Wausau
Drove by lots of scenic farms.
Menonites have accents.
Bought raspberry and blueberry yogurt covered pretzels at the Menonite store.
Jacob is staying at Dakota's while we're gone.
Ammon is learning how to use his breaks on his bike instead of his feet by doing skid marks in gravel.
Forgot underwear and my medicine.  Mostly worried about the underwear bit.
I'm itchy all over.
Allison cloncked her head on the slide, then I did later today.
Isaac scraped his upper lip on the bottom of the pool doing walking hand stands.
Justin and I wanted to buy him a mustache bandaid but none in Walgreens.

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