Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of school madness

It seems like there are always projects and tests that pile up at the end of school.
Jacob made a pinata in record time.
Ammon had Kindergarten graduation last Friday.  We videoed the songs but there were no major mishaps but lots of cuteness around.  

I love the I love you sign.  
 Does he look just a little proud?
 His Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Kristen Sorenson. 
Checking for papers before going home in his inbox.
Jacob and Isaac both had band concerts (Jacob's was 1.5 hours) and Allison has an awards assembly on Monday.  Busy, but fun times.


  1. Wow a 15 hr concert. Then I saw the decimal. Sometimes they feel like 15 hrs. Cute little Ammon. Enjoy it while you can cause it will be over soon.

  2. I like Ammon's shirt. He is such a cutey!
    What did Jacob put in the pinata?

  3. @ Dad - the concert DID feel like 15 hours! :)

    @ Camille -Nothing! lol He just had to make one and take a picture of himself with it. We're going to use it for Ammon's birthday.