Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ammon is 6!

We had presents first thing in the morning.  It was an unusual day where we had nothing set in stone so were able to have a true family day for Ammon.
Ammon is a HUGE gum lover.
A new ball for his favorite place: the tramerline.
First recognition of what his present is.  Can you see the happiness?  Love!

After presents we hopped in the car and drove to Elm Creek Park Preserve (about 20 minutes away) to a fabulous new park.  Jacob tends to overuse the word "epic" but this truly was.
 Ammon top of the climbing rock.
 HUGE climbing gym.
 This is a lovely concept and a fun swing.  There was a line so we only were on it a few minutes.
 Oh so dizzy!  And so much laughing!
 This place does make you feel like a kid again.  Justin and Allison were on one side of the teeter totter, and Ammon and I on the other.  Justin got a kick out of making us smack our butts down. 
New outfit :)  And no I did not ask Justin to take this.  As if.  Sheesh.

  After a non-eventful lunch of Wendys at a park, Justin dropped me home so I could work on editing pictures, then took the kids to see Cars 2 (free tickets yay!)

Ammon's cake of choice this year was ice cream cake. ***
Happy Birthday my boy!
Last night I heard him talking with his sibs, "I don't feel six, but I look six."


  1. That does look like an "epic" park. Happy late birthday wishes to Ammon!

  2. He's getting so BIG. And, that park does look epic!