Wednesday, March 9, 2011

T. O. 'd

I'm feeling quite put out.  
Not as much as Isaac is right now, but as a parent, I'm unhappy.
Isaac came home from school with bloodshot eyes from crying stating that he'd been beat up at school.
A boy in one of his classes punched him in the head in the hallway, then later in the day, in the locker bays.  
My poor little Isaac has a welt on his forehead and a purple bruise and a scrape on his cheek.  
He was too embarrassed to tell a teacher because he didn't want to cry in front of them.
Even if he had been bugging this kid like crazy (which Isaac proclaims he has no idea what he did to provoke him), he shouldn't be getting sucker punched in the head over a dozen times or at all.
Where were the teachers?  Other students to help?
Justin and/or I is going to go in with Isaac tomorrow to meet with Mr. Young at the school.  I called the school immediately when I found out the details from Isaac.  The assistant principal acted like this was a big issue and would be dealt with.  I'm hoping from some past experiences that Justin and I have learned a little and can do our best for Isaac.  We read up on the school's bullying policy.  
I started the day off with a migraine; Ammon's second day home in a row due to a fever/cough/runny nose; mega laundry day; trying to finish editing a session (NOT done at all yet); planning a trip to Oklahoma over spring break; and then Jacob having a severe meltdown tonight.  
I don't know if I can handle another day like today.  I'm praying for strength to be the best mom I can to my kids. 
On the up side, I taught Allison how to play Dominion.  She picked it up super quickly and likes it.  Yay!  My new all time favorite game.


  1. My heart seriously broke when I read this, JoAnne. Hope and prayers for Issac and your family coming your way.

  2. that is sad. I HATE bullies. I think going to the school is a great idea, and if they don't handle it you need to press criminal charges.(if you can) I am very sympathetic to him. I hope things change.

  3. Hugs JoAnne. I am sorry you are going through this. It is so hard when you see your kids suffer.
    In our school district, they suspend both people, no matter who started it... it has been a hard year for Tyler too.