Wednesday, March 2, 2011

9th grade band concert

 Jacob has already had I think three previous concerts to this one.  That's a LOT of concerts. 
It wasn't written on my calendar, so I had no idea of an upcoming concert.  Jacob says to me at 6:37 pm "I think I have a band concert tonight."  
Okie dokie then.  I checked the school calendar and luckily it was at 7:30 pm and not 7:00.  He had to dig his black pants out of his laundry (he does his own) and put on his white concert shirt, but we made it to the school by 7:00.  
Justin was out of town so I "got" to sit alone and "enjoy" the music.  The concert was an hour and fifteen minutes.  That's LONG!!!!!  But they did a pretty decent job.
I was so proud of Jacob doing a few solo parts in a song.  Rock on!

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