Monday, March 7, 2011

Christmas Break Boredom Buster

Allison saw this huge ball in the Menards ad and just had to have it.  She got the other sibs to contribute money and we drove all over the twin cities trying to find one in stock.  
I promised them we'd go to the church gym some time over the break.  Meikjn and her three daughters joined us for the mayhem.  
It took a LONG time to get this blown up even using the air compressor.
I even got in.  Who can resist a huge colorful ball?  It was toasty warm and static-y but hugely fun with Ammon.  So many giggles.
Then we got to take the air out.  Also time consuming.  Hope it lasts in the summer for awhile.  How fun would this be down a hill?

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