Friday, August 6, 2010


We woke up and got out of our campsite early (7am thank you very much) with hopes of getting a camp site in Yellowstone.  We stopped to glance at a few elk, then tried to talk to a ranger at Great Basin, but it was closed.  I've actually never been to this thermal area.  Weird.

Drove like mad people to make it to a campground, waited in the stupid construction traffic to get there, and of course to find out that not only was this camp ground full, but ALL the campgrounds were full.  Oh great.  Since I didn't have another adult to bounce ideas off of, a decision was never fully made on where we would stay, so we meandered back south to see Old Faithful.
Which meant we were blessed to sit through that fantastic road construction once again, but this time it was even MORE exciting of a wait.  Over 30 minutes sitting in the car.  What a way to spend your one day in Yellowstone.
I love that this looked like a bathtub.  The water was even the perfect temperature too!
We needed to take a stop after sitting in the car so long, so we visited the most exciting  place I've seen in Yellowstone.  I can't tell you where it is or I'd have to give you amnesia.  It's top secret.  We found this place many years ago with my dad on a leisure hike and have been back twice now.  It's my fave!

We had to brave a nasty water crossing and sadly Ammon slipped into the muck.  He was so cute about it.  Instead of his normal freak out he said in a sad little voice, "I want to clean myself."
Oh yeah.  Perfect.  Recognize this Dad?  Still perfect.  There is a geyser/hot spring behind me that sends off steaming hot water that is mixed with the rivers cold water making it a blissful afternoon soak.  The bugs were a little intense.  Holy deer/horse flies.  Jacob was totally irritated by them and wouldn't come in the water.  Funny part was that they didn't bug us in the water, so Jacob sat there swatting himself like a mad man.
On to the next awesome part of this secret location:
Mud pots!  And good ones!  The best I've ever seen!
This bubble is at least 18 inches.  Probably bigger.  
On to Jacob.  Remember the bug freak out?  Check out this movie.  It makes me laugh every time I even think about it.  I really really really want to make it live on youtube.  Poor Jacob.


  1. I laughed a bunch at the fly video. I have a picture on my wall of Isaac and Jacob in our secret thermal area at Yellowstone. I don't know why they don't close it or why more people don't visit it. It has all you want to see at yellowstone.

  2. The neat thing about the mud pots is that you can get close to them without a fence. I commend you for doing this by yourself.