Friday, August 6, 2010

In the Tetons!

Oh so beautiful!  We saw a moose on our drive through the Tetons and after some confusion with the map, finally decided and made our way to Shadow Mountain to camp.  Justin and I had camped there many, many years previously so I knew where we were headed.  
We stopped to look at the buffalo a few minutes then headed up the dirt road.  We took the first camping spot and the boys got the tent set up.  I had bought canned heat at Wal Mart and proceeded to warm up chicken noodle soup.  The sun set quickly in the shadow of the Tetons.  
I had to get after the kids several times for playing in the dirt.  Holy fluffy dirt.  Plumes surrounded their bodies.
It did start to rain right as we went to bed; me, Allison, and Ammon in the tent, and proceeded to be a pretty good rainfall.  
Next morning, got everything put away and enjoyed donut holes for breakfast.

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