Wednesday, August 4, 2010


How can I visit Logan and not get in at least one great hike?
I woke early one morning and asked my dad if he would like to go on a hike.  He said sure, so I got Isaac up to go with us (Jacob had totally bruised his foot).
We headed up to right hand fork/girls camp/camp Lomia and hiked on the Maughn Hollow trail.  Started off cold, and stayed relatively cold for over an hour in the shade.
This picture = my dad to a T.  This is one of the many reasons I love my daddy so much (even though I never tell him enough).  I LOVE to hike with my dad.  He is so smart and knows so many interesting things.  He never rushes and takes time to enjoy the incredible beauties God has made.  
In this picture he is examining what might be fossilized waves.  
Isaac and I also got the low down on ergot.  Yes.  Ergot.  Isaac got slimed by something, so Dad investigated what made the gross mess, and found... ergot!  An ancient fungi found on rye that used to make people sick and could die from.  It's rarely found anymore.  Who knew?  (I just googled ergot and my dad is so smart!  He knew most of the information on Wikipedia).
Dad was sneaky and knew if we went off the trail it would circle back to the other trail and we could make a round trip.  It seemed a bit sketchy at first, but it worked out great.  Many cow pies, a few humming birds, fun explorations, and one maggoty dear.
We stopped on our way back to town and watched two helicopters take water from second dam and dump on a nearby forest fire.

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