Wednesday, June 9, 2010

4th Annual Backpacking Trip

Memorial day approacheth and plans begin to blossom. 
Justin schemes and plans the next chunks adventures along the Superior Hiking Trail.  Jacob and Isaac must be getting used to back packing due to the lack of whining and complaining when planning commenced.  They have seemed to accept the inevitable.
The boys didn't want to miss a day of school, so they left directly after school on Friday and stormed up 35W.

This is the start of the 2010 4th annual back packing trip.  Got a bit of a late start, but only had to hike .7 miles to the campground.
Justin's trekking pole picked up a friend for a few miles (bark).
Isaac's trail mix produced a chocolate chip disguised as a peep.
Bug alert!  Jacob loved his mosquito net.  This is shortly after visiting a campsite we renamed 'Ticky Leach Campground' due to the abundance of leaches in the lake and the eight ticks we found in our 30 minutes eating lunch there.
In yo' face.  Gum Gum/Dumb Dumb made many special appearances on this backpacking trip too. 
The approach to Carlton Peak, that we had to hike over.  Phew!
Justin loves the capture of Jacob's face in this one.
 Getting in a bit of ds time.
Dumb Dumb needed some zzz's after all the photo sessions and game time.
On our last night, our tent was on a "gentle" slope.  Jacob and Isaac both woke up find they used the bottom of the tent like a hammock.
We covered approx 27 miles this year in three day three nights.

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