Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little Red Hen

Isaac loooooves black caps; especially juiced ones.  He went out with me yesterday and we found the mother load of berries.  Between the two of us, we picked 12 cups in 1.5 hours.  We found a few new spots that no one knows about in our neighborhood (maybe they do now though).
I juiced the berries last night, making a gigantic mess.  I was telling Isaac how it felt like the Little Red Hen.  We spent all this time picking berries in hot humid weather with mosquitoes and who knows what else bugs crawling on us, and getting repeatedly scratched...and we'll go home and everyone will want to indulge in our labors.
So this afternoon after church, I called Isaac up and we made our special drink, just the two of us.  
Then we shared.  
 It makes a beautiful wine red color.  Isaac's favorite part was adding lemon lime pop.  Oh yeah, we also experimented and made some into icees, and also froze some for popsicles. 

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