Friday, June 25, 2010

Ammon's Birthday Party

He's 5!
Since our trampoline broke and we can't fix it, and nothing was showing up on Craigs list, we ended up buying a new one last night at Sam's club.  Justin cooked up an idea that we could put Ammon to bed, then set it up and have him find it in the morning.  
So that's what we did.  
Jacob watched a Blues Clues movie with him while Isaac occasionally helped us while he filled water balloons. 
We only messed up a couple of times (because Justin was too cool to read the directions at first), and after two hours finished.  We had to battle mosquitoes and the dark, but it's done!  Okay, we still have to tie the net down, but that's for another day.
This morning, we wouldn't let Ammon out of our room while Isaac set up the traditional string game. 
This one didn't lead to presents, but to the trampoline.
It makes me laugh.  He didn't look very excited.  We visualized more.  I love that you can see a glimpse of him running holding his pants up.  That's the norm around here.
A big thunder storm hit right at the beginning of his party, so we went out on the porch for a few minutes.
Used their binoculars to go on a jungle safari and find animals.
This party is a re-run from Isaac's party several years ago, so decorations were a breeze.  
We played a game that used sticky stretchy frogs that you throw onto a jungle wall.  If the frog lands on a leaf with numbers on it, you get those points.  Isaac was the game director and made sure that most throws were generously given points.
Ammon up to bat.
 Bunny ears!
Took Ammon about eight tries to get the candles blown out.

Water Balloons!
It stopped raining just long enough to do water balloons and swim.


  1. what a fun party game! happy birthday ammon! the cake looks awesome as well. good job all around.

  2. Happy birthday Ammon! Hooray!

  3. Love the picture of Reagan. I am slightly biased though. Happy Birthday Ammon!