Monday, March 10, 2014

Justin has a job.

Notice the lack of capitals and exclamation point.
This is not an exciting thing. 
Justin has a job with a company called Ricoh.  
It is a huge HUGE company, a $25 billion industry.
Here are the details:
He starts March 17
His territory is North Layton to North Ogden.
We figure it will cost around $500 in gas a month.
He has a small base rate.
There are no residuals, meaning once he makes a sale, he gets paid one time for it.
It's selling business solutions, ie copy machines, IT, phone support etc.
401k matching up to 6%

So there are a few good things, but it is a scary future for us.  He is still looking.
His unemployment has run dry. 
 He didn't notice this until days after he took the job, but there are only $17 left.

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