Monday, March 10, 2014

Isaac is 16!

Does this mean he's rearing to date?  Not at all.
But he is growing a serious mustache that needs shaving every few days.  
I recently went to Parent Teacher Conferences, and every teacher I met with told me what a great kid and how nice he is to have in class.  He truly is a happy kid with a happy heart.  He has a ready smile and laugh.  Isaac is very motivated to get jobs etc done to play video games.  His favorite job is doing dishes (go figure!).  He read voraciously, often several hours a day.  Grades are a bit of a struggle to get work turned in, but having cottage cheese as a disciplinary measure helps.
 We hid Isaac's presents in our front room.  Surprisingly, it took him quite a while.  He got a hand me down ripstik and a video game.  Not to mention some wheels - Hot Wheels!
Isaac always requests ice cream cake which is A-okay with me.

We love you Isaac!

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