Thursday, January 17, 2013

November Randomness

11/1  I'm hoping that none of our pumpkins were smashed last night.
Kids had successful trick-or-treating.
Allison went with two friends from school.
Jacob, Isaac, and Ammon went on their own.
This is the first Halloween Justin and I have spent together in years.  
We watched an episode of Psych.
11/7 Still in shock learning that Justin's friend, Jim, his wife passed away from a massive stroke at the age of 32, leaving five children behind.  We were able to visit in the hospital Sunday night.
Justin is in Vegas Tuesday-Saturday for work.
11/8 Arg.  Why did I register to vote!?
Got "randomly" selected for Jury duty again.
Why didn't I listen to myself?
At least this time I don't have a newborn.
11/9 Thankful for heated seats in our new car.
Great.  Just great.  Rain right before a huge snow storm.
Missed the funeral due to a blizzard.
11/15  We're having a house warming party on Saturday so I've been rampantly slowly getting the house ready.  I work best under pressure so will probably be a mean crazy lady Saturday.
Justin and I hung pictures last night (most of them).  Makes our home feel more like a home.
I painted our pantry door a lovely shade of robin's egg blue.  I am in love with it.
I'm planning on antiquing it when I have more time.
Allison's school play was super cute.
Jacob and Isaac are grounded from all media until they can get their grades up.
Why can't they ever turn in assignments on time?
11/29  Does anyone else LOVE getting boxes at their door.  It's like Christmas!
I always forget what I ordered.
Now that I live 'in the mountains" I've been doing a lot more online shopping.
I got hired as a substitute teacher in the Alpine School District.
I'll make a whopping $60/day.
I can't believe the amount of paper work they need.  Piles and piles.
Fingerprints.  Reference letters.
You'd think I was applying to be a real teacher or something.
Allison got straight A's on her report card.
Ammon did almost as well.
Jacob and Isaac are playing catch-up again this semester.  I hate it.
Makes me a grumpy momma.
I love all the sparkly Christmas lights.
Justin and I met up for lunch at Rumbi's.
In the evening, we went see The Bourne Legacy - not so great- ($1.25/ticket), then ate dinner at Del Taco.
THEN got ice cream cones at Iceberg.
I should eat only carrots today.

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