Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Randomness

12/6 Got my email down to six emails in my inbox.  Happens about once a year.
Justin is in Las Vegas this week.
Allison has a fever.
We are getting caught up on Once Upon a Time.
I've been crafting it up in Christmas gifts.  I love Pinterest for ideas.
My blog is too full for more pictures again.  *running in circles pulling hair out*
All of our basement windows leaked (one quite badly) during a rain storm the other night.
Our toilet kept running (clean water) and over flowed.  
I think that was why water leaked in our basement on all of my crafty stuff; a different water leak.
I bought myself a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and because I'm rotten.
I opened it already.  I'm using it to make presents.
Did I mention I'm rotten?  Well I am.
I also got a new pair of leather boots at REI on clearance.  They're mostly like these, but all one color, and were WAY cheaper.
They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.
We started the tradition of a Christmas Elf.  Ammon loves LOVES it.
We bought Christopher Pop in Kins because he's not so creepy looking, and he's cheaper.
The first night he was found playing Wii, second putting cotton balls on Ammon's Santa beard advent calendar, and third playing Isaac's bells (xylophone).  
12/11 Sick.  This house has sickies.  Ammon: cold.
Allison:  fever, sore throat.
Justin:  chills, diarrhea, nausea.
Stay away!
Grandpa Cardon passed away about a week ago.
It's sad, but happy to be seeing family.
Isaac had a band concert tonight.
12/19 Jacob had a band concert Monday night, but thought it was Tuesday.  Lame.
Grandpa Cardon's funeral was very nice.  Great talks and music.
Reconciled with my high school boyfriends mom (she was helping at the luncheon).
Tried to make regular pants into skinny pants.  I'm on the fence.
They look a little like jodhpurs.  Probably works better with stretchy fabric.
Got a new game called Lost cities.  I LOVE it.
The kids last day of school is today.
What am I supposed to do with them until Christmas next Tuesday?
I've been making a list, that's what.
Justin needs new tires.  His car is a menace to himself, and other drivers.  Might as well be a sled car.
Made roasted cinnamon almonds.  Oh my goodness, they are so good.
12/27 Christmas was great.  Quiet.  Everyone was happy with their presents.  We didn't go overboard with the kids.  I was a little spoiled though.  Allison did say she wanted more skinny jeans.
Kids went sledding today.  I stayed home because I feel under the weather.
Cancelled our trip to Las Vegas/Arizona due to a two day snow fest.
Made quiche for the first time, twice in one day it was so good.
Trying to get my Etsy shop in better working order.
I love getting the mail in December and opening Christmas cards.
I have all things Christmas boxed and ready for deployment to the basement.
Justin is in charge of the tree.
Finally found some inspiration pieces for start decorating Allison's room.
Excited to do some watercolor artwork for it.
Although, Justin should be doing it, the lazy.
12/28 Spent half the day updating my Etsy shop.  Not getting much accomplished.
Why are things never as simple as they seem?
Kids had fun sledding down the luge-y sidewalks.
12/31 Justin and I saw Les Miserables.  One of the best movies I've ever seen In.My.Life.
We took the family to see Wreck it Ralph tonight and that was a good movie too, worth seeing.
Lots of funny quotes, one of my top favorites being: Milk my Duds!
We have several feet of snow on the ground.  Yes multiple feet.  It's beautiful.
Allison skyped Gracie, her bff, for about three hours or more today.
I love to hear her so animated and happy.
I've been reading a lot of books on Allison's Kindle.
It is a HUGE pain to get Jacob and Isaac's medication in Utah.  WAY stricter rules.
Moving the Wii downstairs really has been one of the best decisions.
I want to make my house cuter next year.  Worthy goal?  or Worldly goal?
I've been trying my hand at water colors.
Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE paper?  It makes me giddy.
So does waxing my 'stache.  I like doing Isaac's uni-brow too.  He's grows a great one!
Did I also mention that Justin and I were asked to be parents for our stakes Trek next June?
I never got to go as a youth, so am excited about it.
I am extremely nervous about my health issues though.
Anyway, our Bishop wants everyone to prepare:  walk 2.5 miles/day + read the Book of Mormon.
By June.
This includes Jacob, Isaac, Allison, Justin, and ME.
So far, I've read four chapters and walked maybe 1/2 mile today, Day one.
It will take a miracle if I finish the Book of Mormon.
I'm not going to push myself to walk that much all the time:  too much time commitment.
Ammon saw me and Allison reading our scriptures and said, "I want to read my Book of Mormon."
He read six chapters in his.
This year has been full of changes for our family.  I think that most of them have been great.
 I'm thankful for Heavenly Father watching out for us.

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