Monday, September 10, 2012

Camping in Utah. It's nice.

We had an extended family camp out this last weekend.  I LOVE camping in Utah. 
Truly I do.  Only a few bugs, cool at night.  Perfection.  Except this site was a little on the noisy side next to the highway in Logan Canyon.  We moved the second night and we could have conversations normally.  Minnesota camping was NOT favorite.
Jude and Grandpa.
We accidentally forgot a tent (thought it was still in Logan) so Jacob slept in our new car and the other kids in grandpa's trailer.  It worked out well.   Justin and I snuggled in our cozy two man tent in our new double sleeping bag from rei.  
What the crap...I know we didn't pay $400 for that bag.  Maybe $100.  Wowzas.
Nate and Chelsea, the newlyweds.
Nate pondering what his next clue should be playing Password.  Should it be "thick?"
Corinne sleeping.
Grandma playing a game kinda like charades.  I don't think charades is her game.  
Grandpa roasted a cob or corn over the open flames and said it tasted good.
Shawn with his second grandbaby, Roman.
Erin and Kevin are so cute together.  
Jacob and Isaac, mostly Jacob, found several caterpillars.  Isaac is admiring them in a donut box.
Kevin.  He was looking so serene.  Found out he was burning from the flames.
That's me.  Playing an animal sound game.
Erin and Roman.
Went on a short adventure to Logan river.  Shawn spent a good 15 minutes throwing big rocks in the river, seeing how much of a dam he could build.  He ran out of large rocks.
Justin going over the river until he remembered he had his cell phone in his pocket.
The kids built many rafts with stick people.  

Other thoughts:
Still don't like Phase 10.  
Everything tastes good when you're camping.
I love my family.  All of my family.


  1. Even though I was there and saw most all of the stuff before I really like looking at it again with your descriptions

  2. Thanks for documenting the trip. Were glad that your family is close so we can do this. It was a wonderful camp out. Shawn

  3. LOVE it! I agree with Grandpa, it's so fun to see the pictures from the trip. Thanks for putting them up! We had a lot of fun!