Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August Randomness

8/1  Ammon made me a heart rock our of a purple agate rock he found.
I love it.
He was so proud to give it to me.  He gave me a hug and the little back pats.
8/7  Made a special trip to Park City so we could register the kids for school
 on their special "set aside" day.
Got Ammon, Allison, and Isaac done, but the high school?  Not registering today, but will tomorrow.
What the freaking crap.
Hep A vaccine is required for school in Utah, so some kids need that before the first day.
Plus many other little items to get done.  I hate this type of stuff.
Watching Olympics more than I ever have in my life.
Put the fruit stand up at my parents house.  Made about $30 in 3 days.
Kids are driving me bonkers.
8/13 Papers signed on the new house.  We can't move in until the papers go through/Title or something, around noon tomorrow.
We vacuumed the house once over and emptied it three times FULL of dog hair.
Met several people from the new ward that were helping another family move in across the street.
Last night in Park City.  Then one night in Logan tomorrow.  And we have a home!
We can't have our garbage can showing from anywhere in our yard.  Must be hidden.
8/20 I smell dog pee as I sit in my front room.  I need about $4k to redo our floors down here.  Donations?
First day of school tomorrow.
Got most of my kitchen unpacked today.  SO much cupboard space.
I don't even need my china cabinet anymore.
I love my new master bedroom.  So spacious.
And my own shower!!!
Had so many visitors already.  Here's a list of who I can remember off hand:
Ricky and Sherman, Garth, Tony, Sienna, Bo and Kai, Shawn, Andy, Stefanie, and Corinne, Erin, Kevin, Jude and Roman, Kent and Genie.  All within the first five days of living here.
Plus many visits from ward members and neighbors.  Two have brought us bread :)
Carpooling isn't working out like I wanted.  As in no carpooling.  I have been asked by a neighbor up the street to help her daughter get home.
That doesn't do me any good.
(she came back a week later and has found someone to help her.  phew)
8/21 Alone time.  Quiet time.  Sanity.
Almost every car at the bus stop was a huge suv or an Audi etc.
Were able to shop at Home Depot with NO kids.
Got a sweet deal on a lawn mower.  Regular price $400, Dittmer price $130.
Mowed the lawn when we got home.
Took about 10 minutes.
8/22 Changed my cell to a Utah area code today.
Makes it seem so final.
Looking at buying new checks.  Loving the paisleys.
Justin brought all of his crap from Garth's house home.
He brought me my two bags of pineapple lumps from New Zealand.  Oh joy!
Activated an old cell phone for the kids.  Theirs was left in MN at Dakotah's house.
8/27 Ahhh, the joys of Mondays.  Nice quiet.
Family (minus me- tummy trouble) went to Justin's cousins last night for dinner, Margene and Josh.
Slept through the RS sisters coming to visit.
I've trained the kids too well to not bug me during naptime.
Had a great lesson in RS about being thankful for what we have.
Trimmed Justin's beard and he looks much more handsome now.
Bought an LG washer dryer set on ksl for $900.
It's shmancey.
We have lots of weeds out in our back yard.
Justin gave all the kids Back to School Father's Blessings.
And he Dedicated our house.

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