Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June Randomness

6/2  Isaac and Ammon are at a Father/Son camp out.  Bro. LaClaire took them.
Jacob went to Dakota's house; he's out of the hospital!  
Jacob woke up in the middle of the night with fluids coming out of both ends.
Glad he didn't go camping!
Bro LaClaire borrowed my van (not enough seats in his).
It's like 30' long.  Okay, not that much, but wow!
I get to drive it today.  Wish me luck.
Last photo session in MN tonight.
Lyea gave me three syrups for Italian ice.  Oh hohoho!  I'm excited to use these!
6/4  Ammon:  "Home is like shcool."
Mom:  "Why?"
Ammon:  "We have a lot of computers. And food."
Just found out the Layton house we put an offer in almost 10 weeks ago was sold to someone else.
It was listed under a not-so-honest realtor (aka jerk).
Now we can move on.
I'm having a moment of sadness, then I'll get over it.
6/6  Why oh why do I have to get a headache today?
I had my first upset photography customer today.  I don't like how it feels.
I forgot to take a shot she requested.  I'm not busy or have anything else on my mind lately ;)
I took my 17-55 to the post office today.  Hope they get it fixed and timely too.
6/10 I don't know how Justin can stand it.  His toes stretch to the tippy toe bottom of our queen sized bed.
I'm awake too early with a nice strong headache.
Love my friend Lyea.  She made us yummy pad thai for dinner.
The goodbye party was bitter sweet.  I loved seeing friends, but sad to say goodbye.
6/23 Cherries.  I was a few too many yesterday.  Ooops.
House hunting isn't going as planned.
Jacob went to Youth Conference with 3rd ward.  I've been praying very hard for him.
I've never seen him act like he did when I dropped him off.  Very intimidated young man.
Allison and I got Tiny Spicy Chicken the other night and it wasn't very good.
I think they warmed up lunch leftovers.
On the other hand, Taco Time was fantastic.
Isaac and Ammon are going to the Redwoods for two weeks with their grandparents.
They're meeting Andy + Family.
Why does one/two of our car dvd player screens always break?  They need to make disposable ones.
I love how it cools off here at night and you can open your windows.
6/25 Ammon's birthday!
He's 7 today and very excited about it.  Wish I could give him birthday squishes.
Heading down to Park City later this afternoon for the week +.
Woke up with a start at 6:30.
I was dreaming about high school and getting my schedule and figuring out lockers.
This is not an uncommon dream scenario for me.

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  1. I have that dream all the time too. I hate the feeling it leaves me with.
    I miss you :( I hope you are having fun. Hugs!