Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 4th - Strawberry Res.

My brother, Shawn, set up a mini Thomson reunion to go to Strawberry Reservoir on the patriotic day of July 4th for a crawdad feast.  We were staying in Park City, so our drive was short.   
 Grandma holding her newest Great-grandbaby, Roman.
Erin with Roman
Stefanie chewing on a tag.
Squirrel eating a licorice castoff.
Me with Roman.
 Most of us drove down to the reservoir.  Shawn brought a bunch of raw chicken legs and tied them up with string for fishing poles.  I was a spectator most of the time.  The kids had a great time.  
 Once there was 1/2 a bucket full, we called it good.  Ammon even tried a bite and didn't mind it too much. 
Dang it.  Got the squirrel in here twice.   Ah well.
Look at their beady little eyes.
Corinne was almost losing her food over watching people disassemble their lunch.
I admit, I was a little queasy watching too.  They have to take the crawdad's tail off and some had eggs.  Oh barf.  Plus the smell.  Ewwww.  
We were hot, so drove to a beach and waded in the mucky water.  
Jude loved playing in the dirt and looked like a reverse raccoon.  Kevin is wiping up some of it in the middle bottom pic.
Ammon had a sticky lip and was making funny faces (bottom left pic).  He lost his first front tooth while he was in California with the parents.
In Heber, we needed gas.  When we pulled out my parents got pulled over.  We found out later that their plates expired in September of 2011.  What the?  lol

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