Sunday, October 2, 2011

Randomness by JoAnne Aug-Sept

 Aug 29 -Did the whole MN fair thing with Justin today.  It was surprisingly calm and nice.  Yummy food too.  
Back to school night for the next two days.  
Allison had her first babysitting job today.   She was so super excited.
Aug 30 - Lazy day.  Took Jacob to his back to school night to get his schedule.
Justin is in Sioux Falls until tomorrow night.
Sept 7  Just saw a hummingbird out my office window!  Amazing!  First ever in Minnesota!
First day of school for Jacob (yesterday for the others) so MY first day !!!!
Listening to some acoustic Tinashe on You tube.
Jacob started Drivers Ed tonight.  Holy. Crap.
9-28 I asked Ammon if he'd like to come read books with me.  He said "only if you make me a smoothie."

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  1. I can't believe Jacob is in driver's ed!
    That Tinashe is great. Thanks for sharing that.