Friday, October 14, 2011

Ed Week 2011!!

I wish I had written about this week soon after it had happened to hopefully capture the magical feel I had all week.  This was - hands down- one of the best times of my entire life.  
 Me and Erin in front of the Provo temple.  It was amazing even just walking on the grounds; what a peaceful feeling there. 
We are matching buds.  I think this might have been after a couple hour bout of giggling the night before.  We must have become linked in our color/fashion.  
In one of my classes I happened to sit by a bit of a strange lady.  After the class, she stood up to leave and was pulling a ahem. wedgie. out.  She got right into it and proclaimed, "come on!  Get out of there!"  When you're sleepy and tired, late at night this is extremely funny.  
I was able to have a quick visit with a dearly missed family, The Owens.  They used to live in MN (as our Bishop) and moved to Idaho.
 One of my besties, Tina.  We had so so so much fun.  She stayed with me the last night in the dorm then headed to her house the next day/night.  We got to spend the entire day together : D
 View from the restaurant in the top of the Joseph Smith Building.
 Big enough sandwich?
 I've finalllllly been able to cross off my list to do a live session at the Salt Lake City temple.  Loved it!

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