Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 3 Uintah's

Still alive.  I didn't get much sleep either night so far.  For some reason, I couldn't fall/stay asleep and my hips hurt mighty bad.  Plus Ammon woke up 2/3 nights with night terrors in the boys tent.  The first of those nights he came to sleep with Allison and I.  Our tent is small.  But I got so see the stars and they were breathtaking.  Literally.  So there was a happy moment to being woken up in the night time.
 Nate added some excitement on Saturday morning.  He was practicing with a funky sling shot that Grandpa brought.  He nailed himself with a fist sized rock in the shin.  We heard this thump sound, Nate kinda acted hurt, but macho, then he kept going and flung another rock.  Then he noticed the blood.  There was lots of it.  He hobbled over to the fire and everyone was like - whoahhhhhh.  uh.
 Shawn was great, the Eagle scout that he is.  He had a nice first aid kit to the rescue.  Plus Bruce had a razor to shave off Nate's hair for the bandage.  It was a small hole, but very deep.  He was sooooo stinking lucky it wasn't worse. 
 Shawn made a teeter totter for the kids.  LOVE!
Here's a short video clip.
I even tried it for a minute.  
Bruce enjoying his fish.
 Dad has a small notebook he keeps in his back pack to write about his adventures.  Nates accident was jotted down soon after. Grandpa couldn't wait.
 Dax brought a regular sling shot.
Yes I did fish.  And I caught one!  It only took about three hours, but it was a first for me.  No, I did not touch it, and yes I did put it back.  And it was a small trout.  Any more questions?

 Light sticks.

Day 4 Going Home
We got packed up in a very decent hour, and left our site by 9:30 AM.  

Hiking out was a breeze.  Hiking over fallen logs and rocks uphill was tough, but not a problem for us!  No whining by any of the kids the entire four day camping trip.  I'm so glad my kids got to spend lots of time with their cousins they rarely see.
Made it back to the cars and drove a couple hours.
We ate at Pizza Hut then back to Logan by around 4.  About two minutes after we pulled in, Justin drove up.  We hadn't seen him for three weeks.  !!!

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  1. I can't imagine how Ammon could keep his mouth that open and not eat a mosquito.