Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 2 of Uintah's

Surprisingly, we all made it alive through the night.  No major loss of blood from mosquito bites and no bear attacks.  We headed off to Tamarack lake.

 Andy had to cast a line before we even hit the lake. 
 Allison caught yet another fish.  I believe this was caught in two casts.
 Isaac also caught another fish.  Notice the knot on his forehead from a mosquito bite.  Ammon had one in the same place, just as swollen.
We kept hiking around the large lake, stopping to cast in every little cleared area, trying to reach the snow on the far end.  We eventually did.  Bruce whipped out some heavy duty plastic and some other gadgets to make a sled.  The kids loved it.  I hiked up to get some water from a spring.  Delish mountain water.
 Allison ate one of the trout.  She said it tasted okay. 
Bruce had anything you might think you would need on a camping trip.  Then add to that list.  This man was PrePared.  He gutted all the fish and was sad to see one let go.  He was nice to cook the fish Allison ate.

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