Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 4

Lazy Sunday.  Sitting around in the campground.  We tried to go for a hike, but the mosquitoes were swarming, and Ammon was tired so I took him back early.
  Then I took Ammon and Allison on a drive up into the mountains.   Most of the roads are still snowed in and the wild flowers are just beginning to pop out.
I have taken two naps so far and have loved every minute of them.  Especially the second one because Ammon came in and laid down by me.

Yesterday.  Now that was a different story.  Ammon was getting sicker and sicker.  By later in the day, I drove down about one mile to the ranger station and tried calling Justin (no answer).  Called the pediatricians office and finally got the answer to take him in to an urgent care.  Uh yeah.  I’m forever away from one of those and it’s the weekend of the July 4th.  Riiiiiiight.  Eventually got a hold of Bro C in the ward.  After sooo much angs,t dilemas, and miracles, I got a prescription of penicillin for Ammon.  I don’t want to put in the details because it caused me much anxiety and tears.  

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  1. Love reading this and seeing the pictures. Makes me not miss you so much.