Sunday, March 4, 2018

Moab Weekend

Justin had a work trip to Moab and I was able to tag along and hang out while he visited with bike shops.  The weather was a gorgeous 65 degrees albeit, quite windy.  I didn't think shorts would have been needed, but I was wrong.  We left Thursday night and drove one and half hours south, after Price and found a place off the road to sleep.  It was 18 degrees when we woke up.  Well, we technically didn't really wake up because we were awake most of the night.
Camping area South of Price. Brrrr! 
Cool orange moon but not a cool photo.
We hiked to Tower Arch, and were lucky to be the only people.  It is along a dirt road, so not many people go there; me included.  I didn't realize it was an area we could go to.  We left with not much sunlight, so on the way back it was very dark and we lost the trail.  We were easily able to find our car.  
Justin rode his mountain bike on the Captain Ahab trail while I hiked in the canyon across from the parking lot.  It was fun!  It is a trail but very poorly marked/cairned.  I saw one other mustached dude that told me there were petroglyphs or I might have turned around at a really tough spot.  Once you got on top, it was quite level and fun to explore.

We had The Best Nap Ever then drove back to town intending to try out the local quesadilla truck but we got a flat tire on the way there. And the truck was closed so we ate at Giliberto's and it was no bueno.
The flat tire caused us to be later than expected so we stayed over night on Willow Flats again.  It wasn't windy during the night, but at dawn it was straight up gales.  We ended up making it home at noon safely through a winter storm, just in time to make it to church.

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