Thursday, July 14, 2016

Grand Teton and Yellowstone Trip 2016

(Justin and Jacob stayed home to work for this trip)
We left Wednesday afternoon and made it to Logan in time for dinner.  We ate a few very unripe cherries from the Utah Giant tree and ate hamburgers.
We didn't get out of Logan until noon, but we stopped in Logan canyon at the Limber Pine trail to look for two geocaches, which we found!  Plus we got two shakes to share at Bear Lake.  

 Snow is always more fun in the summer.

 Geocache! Isaac and Allison got little word search books that entertained them for hours.
 Limber pine trees behind.

We stopped at Kmart in Jackson for a few forgotten things then found an amazing site in the Shadow Mountains.

 Evening view from campsite.


 Throwing rocks and exploring along river in the Tetons
 We found a rock that looked like a bar of soap.

 Great hike.  We all gave it a 10/10.  Moose ponds loop.

 This pic cracks me up.  Achooo!

 Skyrocket gilia.  Or Scarlet gilia.
 I'm a sucker for bison.
They are not as thrilled as I was.


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